The Smart Pacifier

For a healthy future

Our Mission

A new Generation of Pacifier

The world is full of helping technology that makes the world a better place, including medical machinery and other health supporting devices. Yet, the possibilities to support infants has a lot of potential but is not put to practice.
Infantics is working on a smart pacifier to address different potentials throughout a pacifier.

  • Monitor health parameters of infants
  • Analyze important health data
  • Get fast feedback in case of problematic data
  • Support the medical staff
  • Contribute to better health of infants
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Our Belief


Modern precision medicine requires a tremendous amount of data. Consequently, the scale of health data collection and use in biomedical research is growing daily. We believe that an ethical use of health data in research and clinics will strongly advance medical care and improve the quality of life for us and our loved ones. The fast recognition of diseases and unfavourable health states could prevent prolonged hospital stays, relieve our health care system, or even save lives. 

As every child should have a chance to grow up, we strongly encourage the use of anonymized health data for research and diagnostic purposes. Nonetheless, we understand that health data are a deeply personal matter and data security is the foundation for our actions. While we are aware of our great responsibility for our children, we also believe that parents know what’s best for their child. Ethical questions regarding privacy risks are best answered by placing the control in your hands. Thus, you can always decide which data will be shared with academic research partners, medical staff, or clinics.

Our Scope

Support for as many as possible

Our research has one purpose: Supporting medical professionals, parents, and children.

With our technology, we aim to relieve medical professionals during their work, disburden our health care system and support concerned parents during the upbringing of their offspring. But most important, we want to contribute to a healthier future of our children. Therefore, our technology uses real-time health data for the early recognition of diseases and unfavourable health conditions. And, only if you allow, collected data may be send to your paediatrician or a research institution to improve paediatric diagnoses. However, achieving these goals is not an easy task. Particularly for a children’s product, meeting high requirements of product and data safety are the foundation of our work. Thus, we purposefully work on technical solutions that are less invasive, transparent, and easy to use.

Who we are

About Us

Based in Germany, Infantics is a team of 5 ambitious former students, who care about a safe and healthy future for our children. We connect our extensive and interdisciplinary knowledge in pharmaceutical biotechnology and computer science to create a smart pacifier. In 2018, our innovative idea was born and successfully presented in a worldwide challenge focusing on new digital technologies in health care with the aim to improve human life. Together with multidisciplinary cooperation partners we are working to develop our project and make it grow.

Academic Research and Partners

During our development process, different academic institutions were and are involved through different programs or other supporting functions

The University of Applied Sciences Ulm is our partner for the technical development of our pacifier. Together we created the first version of the prototype as part of a student project and are still cooperating, with students as well as with professors, to get closer to the final product.

We are taking part of different startup events and do pitches from time to time, to build new business contacts and extend our knowledge.
The german program STARTUPSÜD give us a great opportunity for us to pitch our work and get new business contact. We also took place in the BAYER startup accelerator and became #1 place.

The University of Applied Sciences Biberach is a great partner for many years, helping through contacts and networking, process and business development and also in organizing and taking place in different startup programs.

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